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Clearing and Settlement for Messaging

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Monetize on-net A2P messaging traffic with flexible rating and charging.

Using proprietary automation systems to back the world’s largest mobile clearing and settlement platform and manage the massive volumes of mobile transactions our customers deliver, Syniverse applies flexible rating to different types of A2P messages, bills partners, and manages collections between parties for faster time to cash—all to help you control costs, optimize cashflow, and improve operational efficiencies.

Syniverse’s Clearing & Settlement for Messaging, in fact, helped a customer generate $6 million USD in revenue, and improve another’s time to cash by nearly 30% that equated to approximately $3 million USD in savings.

As the only provider with the ability to combine our leading-edge messaging capabilities and expertise, with our industry-renowned clearing and settlement platform, we provide customers a one-of-a-kind, end-to-end solution.

Increased revenue.
A single customer enjoyed an estimated $6M USD increase in incremental revenue.
Greater savings.
A major Tier-1 operator forecasted approximately $3M USD in savings.
Faster time-to-cash collection.
A major Tier-1 operator saw its cash collection time jump from 41 to 30 days.
Rate. Bill. Collect.

Syniverse is the only vendor within the space that has the ability to help mobile network operators terminate A2P messaging traffic in a more profitable way by allowing them to apply flexible rates for various message types, moving away from a standard price per message.

Our automated processes then bill operators automatically, leading to more efficient invoicing and collections, and faster time to cash, allowing us to seamlessly manage collections between messaging partners to ensure payment is on time—every time.

Clearing and settlement 1
Control costs. Improve efficiencies. Optimize cashflow.

Our data feed and centralized financial clearing platform manages data and financial exchanges, while managing customers’ bank accounts by using sophisticated systems of automation that make this otherwise labor-intensive process seamless.

More efficiencies for invoicing and collections mean mobile network operators have a greater ability to save money, leading to a better bottom line.

Clearing and settlement 2
Streamline your messaging business and maximize your profitability.

We deliver messaging services that allow flexible rating by message type and cash flow management, leading to auditable and uniform billing statements.

Clearing and Settlement for Messaging offers you the opportunity now, to enjoy increased flexibility for how to spend your funds—including utilizing receivables from messaging to offset wholesale roaming funding obligations, while providing more transparency into how the money you save continues to work for you.

Clearing and settlement 3

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