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Connect with your customers like never before.

Syniverse has mastered mobile messaging, helping businesses around the world engage with their customers in a more meaningful way—boosting revenue and building brand loyalty for the long term.

Total Messages Sent Per Year
Our capabilities are designed for today’s messaging volumes.
Devices Reached
We reach billions of consumers in over 200 countries every day.
Years of Experience
We’ve been at the center of the mobile ecosystem since the beginning.
Streamline operations with solutions that are as elegant as they are efficient.

You no longer need a costly, multi-vendor solution to get the job done. Our omnichannel services can coordinate your mobile customer engagement strategies across departments and give you a complete view of your customer and their preferences.

Choose how you want to work with us:

  • Self-Service Plan
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Ensure peace of mind for your company and your customers with enterprise-grade security.

Have confidence that your messages are being delivered correctly and securely with our top-tier suite of security features. We meet privacy and regulatory compliance standards across multiple countries to securely reach your customers wherever they are.

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Utilize messaging solutions that move faster than business.

Customizable, scalable, and flexible. Our solutions adapt to meet your needs and the needs of the market.

  • Evolving channel offering = A future-proof communication strategy
  • Plug and play solutions = Faster time to market
  • Multiple service options = Seamless Integration with existing systems
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Industry Solutions

Every industry faces unique challenges, and Syniverse can provide the right set of tools to tackle them. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us for a custom solution.

  • A flight delay can spell trouble for customer relationships. But with fast and accurate messaging, airlines can quickly notify flight crews and connect with passengers with up-to-the-minute flight information, meal vouchers or credits and special offers. All helping to ease the disruption and protect customer loyalty.

  • Today’s travelers are looking for more than a place to sleep, but hotel amenities can often be overlooked. By making concierge and room services mobile, the customer holds the hotel in the palm of their hand and is instantly notified of property amenities and reward programs, increasing future stay consideration.

    Hotels 1
  • Fraud protection is a top priority for today’s banking customers. Our two-way fraud alerts are so fast, the customer is often still standing at the register when they get their alerts. This increases their confidence in the bank's security and promotes customer retention.

  • When you’re in the delivery business, it’s critical to be in the reliability business as well. We’ve built mobile platforms that allow customers to locate their packages, track delivery drivers and receive shipping status and delivery update messages instantaneously.

  • When your customers practically live on your platform, you have to provide them with the services and security they need. We help social media companies keep their mobile app users connected with secure one-time password login, notifications of friend activity, relevant content pushes, and more.

    Social Media
  • Grocery stores have been around forever, but their services are moving into the future to compete with e-tailers and delivery. Our platforms help their curbside pickup operations run seamlessly, notifying customers of pickup times, out-of-stock items and replacement products.

    Grocery stores
  • Even when a business is online only, they still benefit from a personal touch. By providing mobile chat platforms that are conversational, the customer can make a connection and develop brand loyalty. We also help capture the voice of the customer with surveys and analytics so e-tailers can serve them better.

    E Commerce

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