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Free report: How 5G will pay for itself
Free report: How 5G will pay for itself search
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Free report: How 5G will pay for itself

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Free report: How 5G will pay for itself

5G will revolutionize our world with lightning-fast mobile networks and enormous data transfer capacities that will power the future of smart cities, robotics and the next billion connected things. Syniverse has been in the thick of leading companies on this 5G journey. And as part of this, we’ve partnered with Heavy Reading to conduct a global survey of operators to do a deep dive into better understanding their 5G preparations.

The study assesses some big unknowns with 5G: How will mobile operators actually begin to make use of 5G to provide new services, and how important will these services play a part in their business models?

The top-line findings show that service providers are optimistic about driving new revenues from enterprise 5G opportunities. But many have yet to develop the underlying payment, partnership, and interoperability systems that will allow a 5G ecosystem to monetize itself and flourish. Revenue opportunities from the new ecosystem of many players can only be realized if practically implemented. And nearly three-quarters of service providers say that coordinating multiple partners is somewhat or the most difficult challenge.

What the research shows:

5G enterprise services growth

  • Nearly 60% say that 5G will swing their company’s focus to enterprise ecosystems.
  • 77% expect to play a leading role in leading 5G ecosystems with enterprise services like network slicing.
  • 90% say they have made progress in identifying vertical market opportunities.

5G revenue challenges

  • 74% of respondents say that coordinating multiple partners is somewhat or the most difficult challenge, followed by maintaining service quality (70%), and implementing revenue-sharing mechanisms (65%).

5G multi-party billing and charging opportunities

  • 83% of respondents identify security and immutability of ecosystem transactions as a somewhat or most important feature, followed closely by the ability to allocate revenue between all partners (78%).
  • 51% say they have not yet identified, or are only just beginning to identify, their technical requirements for multi-party billing, reconciliation, and payment.

5G multi-party billing and charging challenges

  • 10% of respondents say their existing systems are suitable for multi-party billing, reconciliation and payment in 5G.
  • 77% see fraudulent activity as somewhat or the biggest challenge, closely followed by revenue assurance for billing, and settlement vs. contract data (71%).

Money, money, money: How the ecosystem monetizes

As the world’s most connected company, Syniverse recognizes the many challenges this survey highlights for our customers as 5G matures. That’s why we’re actively developing key technologies, from global and interoperable connectivity, to partner management, to clearing and settlement solutions, that will ensure our customers have the systems and services in place that will enable them to play a full, active, and profitable role in 5G ecosystems. These solutions include the following:

  • Syniverse is developing a pilot to use blockchain to allow universal payment processing and reconciliation among any company or provider across any technology.
  • Syniverse is launching a 5G signaling service that supports cross-network connectivity for the IoT, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, as well as interoperability with 4G and 3G networks.
  • Syniverse is also partnering on a virtualized network that is already powering 30 million connected cars in Asia that all need globally accessible cellular connectivity.
  • Syniverse is addressing challenges involving the security of transactions in 5G ecosystems with a private global network that protects data from cyberattacks arising from IoT-connected devices.
  • Syniverse is taking another step in the 5G revolution with the launch of a roaming hub that delivers full 5G operability and quick access to worldwide coverage.