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Quick-service restaurant earns $6.5 million in one campaign.
Quick-service restaurant earns $6.5 million in one campaign. search
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Customer Success Story

Quick-service restaurant earns $6.5 million in one campaign.

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One of the leading quick-service restaurants in the U.S. needed a better way to capture its customer’s attention. The digital landscape is full of brands grappling for customer engagement—so how could it stand out?

The restaurant knew that a campaign that cut through the clutter would deliver the results it needed. And it knew that Syniverse had the tools to help make that campaign a reality.


How? We made It fun.

Launching a menu quiz on its website, the restaurant collected users’ contact information. Once all questions were answered, Syniverse Mobile Engagement sent each user a secret offer that could be saved to their mobile wallet, making redemption quick and simple.

The campaign ran seamlessly, turning multi-channel interaction into an experience that was lucrative for the restaurant and fun for the customer: a powerful combination


The campaign delivered. The restaurant issued more than 2 million offers, with customers redeeming 20 percent of them. And it didn’t stop there. A reminder follow-up text resulted in an additional nine percent redemption.

With nearly a third of the restaurant’s customers engaging, the campaign grew their opt-in database by 500,000 people.

And after five weeks, the campaign had earned $6.5 million in total revenue, paving the way for a future of seamless offers and positive customer experiences.

Bottom Line

Syniverse Mobile Engagement bridges the gap between traditional and digital channels. It puts customers first and enables smarter, more impactful campaigns. When we handle message delivery, businesses see better customer experiences and new profits. That’s the power of intelligent communications.