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Unlock significant new revenue streams and enhance the mobile messaging experience.

Rich Communication Services (RCS) gives operators the opportunity to generate new revenue streams from enterprises’ digital marketing spends, transform standard text messaging (SMS) functionality with enhanced features that bring intuitive, engaging and meaningful experiences to subscribers, and power conversational commerce that enables them to compete with over-the-top messaging providers (OTTs) and elevate their position in the value chain.

Offering a guaranteed path for message delivery to mobile subscribers, Syniverse’s holistic suite of RCS services–comprising RCS Core, RCS (P2P) Interworking Hub, RCS MaaP Aggregation, and Clearing and Settlement for A2P Messaging–helps operators monetize downstream forms of revenue from A2P messaging, reclaim potential losses from OTTs, drive customer retention, reduce churn, increase ARPU and create more interactive user experiences with group chats, high-res photos and GIFs, large-capacity file sharing through a single message stream, and other chat features.

Forecasted RCS market size.
Approximate forecasted RCS global market size by 2025 in USD.
Expected annual growth rate.
Nearly 18% projected CAGR from 2020-2025.
Worldwide users.
Expected number of combined RCS P2P & A2P users globally by 2022.
Establish RCS P2P interconnectivity on a global scale.

Further develop the RCS ecosystem by enabling your network to interconnect with other operators and non-operators across the world.

As a foundational support for RCS Core and MaaP Aggregation services, Syniverse’s RCS Interworking Hub is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of revenue-generating A2P/P2A services, and provides a single access point for all P2P RCS messaging traffic entering and leaving an operator’s network for inter-network communication with other peering operators directly connected to the Syniverse platform or through other strategic peering arrangements. Through our direct and peering relationships, Syniverse can provide a global reach to your subscribers today.

Power conversational commerce to compete with OTT messaging providers.

Without the need to install separate apps, RCS enables operators to utilize their own networks to deliver the same rich experiences as OTT providers, complete with group chats, video calls, high-res photos and GIFs, and large-capacity file sharing capabilities, but through a single messaging stream.

Utilizing Bot verification and management through our RCS MaaP Aggregation solution, you can deliver intelligent conversations through a trusted communications channel to earn your share of revenue, while driving customer retention and increasing subscriber satisfaction through interactive engagement.

Monetize RCS A2P messaging to generate new revenue streams.

Syniverse helps operators move away from a standard price per message model by applying flexible rates to more sophisticated types of messages using our Clearing and Settlement for Messaging solution.

Our automated processes then bill operators automatically, leading to more efficient invoicing and collections, and faster time to cash, resulting in incremental revenue that boosts your bottom line.

Create a gateway into 5G messaging.

Future-proof your messaging business by protecting revenues, while ushering in the next evolution of SMS. As RCS messaging continues to be billed as a universal service, let Syniverse help you upgrade your legacy circuit-switched systems to an IP network in order to deliver a seamless transition to 5G without interruptions to your service.


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